360 Feedback

360 feedback is a powerful development tool, used to identify strengths and development points, as part of personal development or specific training.

Key Features

Simple set-up
Automated system
Full customer support for every project
Clear, easy to use report
Free text and score question responses
Analysis by Question and by Category
Individual 360 feedback or the whole team, with an average score comparison
Compare results to wider team, organisation or benchmark
Participants can nominate any number of respondents / colleagues to provide feedback
Foreign language options available

Uses of 360 feedback

360 feedback is used as a development or appraisal tool, the majority used in personal and professional development, as part of a training programme. Participants undertake a 360 feedback exercise to highlight their areas of strength and discover areas for development. They can then work on these, either by embarking on a training programme, engaging a coach or setting personal objectives. After a period of focussing on their development, the participant can undertake a second 360 feedback to check progress.

Why 360 feedback

360 feedback gives us a fully rounded view of a person’s performance. It is not just from one person, the line manager, but encompasses the feedback of those the participant works closely with on a day to day basis. This variety of viewpoints provides a comprehensive assessment of performance, not skewed by personal bias, and covering all aspects of the participant’s work.
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