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The 360 process usually takes three weeks.

1. Start date – E-mail sent to participants with a link to their set up page. They are asked to nominate colleagues within the next week. If they do not nominate colleagues, reminders are sent. Once participants have nominated their colleagues, they can fill in their self-assessment.

2. Once colleagues have been nominated, they receive an e-mail link to the feedback questionnaire. The feedback is generally left open for at least two weeks to give colleagues time to contribute.

3. Towards the end of the feedback period, reminders are sent to colleagues who have not yet completed the feedback, and participants who have not completed their self-assessment.

4. Close date – The 360 feedback reports are generated after the close date and sent out as pdf files. Feedback received after the close date will still be recorded and participants will receive a link to download an updated copy of their report from the 360 system.

Our standard timescales allow one week for participants to set up and a further two weeks for the collection of feedback. If your project requires different timescales, please let us know.

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