Bespoke Surveys

There are numerous reasons for a company or team survey. Our two standard surveys cover Employee Engagement and Team operations. In addition, we have created bespoke employee engagement surveys for directly for organisations and for training companies working with organisations. These engagement surveys can be tailored to fit the organisation’s key values and mission statement.

Annual Survey

We have run one company’s annual survey for almost 10 years, each year presenting data, not only analysed by department, position and length of service, but also comparing year on year, showing how changes in the organisation have been received by staff.

Team Survey

Several training and development organisations use our survey system for team surveys, then work with those teams to improve team performance and interactions. Often the survey is repeated six months or a year after the team session to assess improvements and changed in the team.

Change Survey

Surveys can be used at points of change for organisations, both when preparing for change to gauge the best way to approach it, during the change to see how it is being received, and after the change has been implemented to assess if it is working.

We have worked with change management specialists, setting up a survey that they use to help organisations work through significant changes in their business.

Our survey reports are clear and easy to understand. We can provide backup data and create slides for presenting the survey data to the business. We can also analyse free text comments to create word clouds of the main themes arising from these comments

How it works

We can set up a bespoke survey with your own questions or work with you to create a survey that meets your needs. Our initial discussion will cover how you want to analyse survey responses and the format of the survey report.

A bespoke survey takes two to three days to set up and test before being launched to participants. After the close date of the survey, the data will be analysed and report compiled; the time taken depends on the complexity of your reporting requirements, but is usually around three working days.

There is a set up fee for the questionnaire and report, a cost per survey run and a per participant charge for larger number of participants

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