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Our Personality Profile opens the door to self-understanding, understanding others and improving your interactions with others as a result. Those others could be team members, customers, suppliers or other contacts; dealing with anyone is easier when you understand them.

Key Features

Understand yourself, understand others and improve interactions
Illuminating self-discovery
Simple, everyday language
Perfect starting point for teambuilding
Many applications to improve interactions and relationships

About Personality Profiling

Personality profiling has been around for a long time. From Hippocrates in ancient Greece to Carl Jung in the 1920’s and more recently the Myers-Briggs Type indicator. The key element that links all of these is understanding.

The i-comment360 Persona Personality Profile aims to help individuals understand themselves and their behaviour, how they come across in daily life and interactions. Beyond this, an understanding of personality helps people understand others and why they behave in the way they do. This understanding allows individuals to improve interactions by adapting their behaviour.

The Persona questionnaire is not a “test” and there are no right or wrong answers, just as there are no good or bad personalities.  Some personalities may be better suited to particular tasks compared to others, but we all have the power to adapt our behaviour to each situation we face.  An understanding of personality helps us to do this.

How the Persona Profile works

The Persona Profile look at four elements of personality; Introversion, Extraversion, Thinking and Feeling. These four can be easily and reliably measured, and are recognisable in everyday life by individuals, not just by experts.

The Persona Personality profile uses colour to describe combinations of these elements of personality. This gives us an accessible and understandable model to describe personality in simple terms, making it memorable and easy for everyone to use.

  • Red an Extraverted Thinking preference
  • Yellow is an Extraverted Feeling preference
  • Green is an Introverted Feeling preference
  • Blue is an Introverted Thinking preference

Nobody is absolutely all one colour.  We are all a blend of all four colours, but it is how these colours interact that makes us who we are.

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