Team Building Persona Profile

Team Building Persona Profile

What's included?

The Team Building Persona Profile focuses what each team member brings to the team and how team members can communicate with each other to work well together.


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The Team Building Persona profile is designed to help teams interact successfully to do their jobs to best of their ability.  The members of an effective team communicate well with each other, understand where the team’s strengths lie and who is suited to which roles and tasks.  They play to their team strengths and know when input is required from outside the team.   

The Team Building Persona Profile delves into each of these – communication, strengths, development points and value of the individual members to the team as a whole.  It explains the colour system personality and encourages team members to share parts of their profiles to improve the team members’ understanding of each other.  

Team Building Persona Profiles can form the basis of a team meeting or away day.  For a more full understanding of the personality system and facilitation of your session, take a look at our Team Building Package. 

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