Bespoke Personality Profiles

We are very proud of our updated Persona Personality Profile and it can be used for most situations. We can provide guidance and resources to support using our Profiles for team building, recruitment, leadership development, sales and more.

Type of profiles

Our Persona Personality Profile contains sections on Strengths, Areas for Development, Effective and Ineffective communication. Our Team Building Persona Profile focuses on what the individual brings to a team and how that influences team communications. Our Remote Working Persona Profile concentrates on how the individual deals with working physically distanced from the team.

Looking for your own branded personality profile?

We can set up a profile that looks and feels like your own. A number of presentation options are available.

Choose from existing sections

We have numerous personality profile report sections covering a variety subjects or situations ready to insert into a bespoke report. For example, a Weaknesses section is available as an alternative to the Areas for Development section, and a Blind Spots section can be added. If you have a specific requirement, talk to us to see if we have a Personality Profile section to meet your needs.

Completely Bespoke Sections

Alternatively, we can craft sections of the Persona Profile especially for you, tailored to your business and exact requirements. An example of this is the Safety Leadership profile which we created for a construction company who wanted a fresh approach to health and safety. Working with their team and their Safety Leadership aims, we incorporated their corporate language and safety values into specific sections of the Persona profile. An individual Safety Leadership Personality Profile was provided to each employee, helping them identify their Safety Leadership strengths and areas for development.

Creating new sections of the Persona report takes a little time, as each section of our database requires writing hundreds, if not thousands of statements covering every possible personality type. These statements are inserted into the report depending on the individual’s responses to the Persona questionnaire. An understanding of your requirements, corporate language and values is important to getting a report that sound like your own. Our experienced team have a well established method of crafting new Personality sections, and if we do say so ourselves, we are rather good at it now!

What to discuss your requirements further?

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