Business Coaching Package

Business Coaching Package

What's included?

Business Coaching Package – includes a 360 feedback report, a Persona personality profile plus three 45 minute coaching sessions via Zoom.


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Additional information

Do you have a business goal but don’t know where to start?  Business coaching can help you to focus your attention and identify the steps you need to take towards your goal.  Your coach will spend time with you, helping you to clarify your goal and the road towards it.  They will support you in putting together a plan that plays to your strengths, identifies your blind spots / weaknesses and how to address these.   

A coach serves as your compass, guiding you on your journey to achieving your goals.  They will help to keep you on track and support along the way.  The i-comment360 business coaching package, as well as one to one sessions with your coach, includes use of our online tools,  The Persona Personality Profile and a 360 feedback to suit your needs.   

The Persona Profile not only helps your coach to understand you, but also assists in identifying your strengths and areas for development.  The 360 feedback takes this further by getting the views of your colleagues on your skills.   

The coaching package consists of: 

  • A Persona Personality Profile – completed initially to help your coach understand you and tailor the coaching experience to you 
  • A 360 feedback report – together with your coach you will select the most appropriate 360 feedback for your needs
  • Three 45 minute sessions with your coach, completed over zoom 
  • Support throughout the process 

Additional Coaching sessions are available for an additional fee