New Personality System

Published: November 1, 2022

We are proud to announce the launch of our new, upgraded Personality Profiling system! The initial i-comment360 personality system was designed by Peter in back in 2012 and since then we have run thousands of reports for hundreds of organisations across the world.  Time has moved on and so has technology.  The old system was showing its age; although the content was fantastic (if we do say so ourselves), the reports looked a bit dull and outdated.

The new system does all the things that the old one did, and more.  The reports have been updated and now look rather snazzy (again, just our opinion, but try one and see if you agree) with lots of colour and graphics to enhance the text.

It also gives us the functionality to, if desired, add a gender-neutral option to the report, something which we don’t think is offered by any other Personality Profiling system.  We had received a number of queries from organisations using our old report, asking if a gender-neutral report was an option.  We had to say no, although we don’t like disappointing any of our customers. 

A complex project

But then, just as we were in the process of implementing the new system, a project landed on our desks which required around 150 Personality Profiles for a team building event at a company away day.  The company concerned have a number of staff who identify as non-binary, and in order treat everyone equally, they requested that all the reports were gender neutral.

This was much more than a cut and paste exercise, and it had a tight deadline (which fell just after the big celebration of Peter and Gill’s 50th wedding anniversary).  Peter and I spent a week reviewing all the statements in our database (and there are tens of thousands, just in the sections for these reports), rewriting them to take out any references to he, she, himself, herself, him, her etc.  All the nuances of the English language made this a challenge! But we got there in the end and it was worth it as the customer’s team building event went very well. 

Our Personality questionnaire has always asked the participant for their choice of gender pronouns, so we could insert he or she into the report as appropriate, and now we have a gender-neutral report to offer as well.  If you want one, or not if you don’t.  It’s up to you, but it is an option.

We always try out best to accommodate customer requests and love to have happy customers when they receive their reports.  As one customer said recently to Peter when requesting a new type of report, “The answer is always yes.”  If you want something different, just ask!