How much does 360 feedback cost?

Published: May 8, 2023

360 feedback is an extremely beneficial development tool.  But how to offer it in your organisation?  The cost can appear prohibitive for small businesses, however that doesn’t have to be the case. A little research has shown that it’s not easy to get an answer to the “how much does 360 feedback cost?” question.

Standard 360 feedback

We have created a range of six standard 360 feedback questionnaires and reports, covering six major areas where 360 feedback is often used.  These are designed to make 360 feedback accessible to both small and larger businesses, and to be as easy as possible to set up and use.  They available to purchase via our website at £42 per participant (including VAT).  The six areas are Leadership, Management, Customer Service, Sales, Emotional Intelligence and Resilience. 

The participant can nominate any number of people to provide feedback, although we suggest nominating 8-12 colleagues.  The respondents are categorised by role e.g. Line Manager, Peers, Direct Reports, Customers etc.  Depending on the type of 360 feedback you are undertaking, your role and the size of your organisation, you may have five people providing feedback, and you may have twenty-five, but the cost is the same.

The process is simple – each participant receives an e-mail link to their set up page where they nominate colleagues.  Those colleagues then receive a link to the feedback questionnaire which remains open for a period.  The participant fills in a self-assessment and once the feedback closes, a clear, easy to understand report delivers the results to the participant.  Read more about the 360 feedback process.

If you have a large number of participants to put through a 360 feedback exercise, we would be happy to offer you a volume discount.

Bespoke 360 feedback

If you are looking for a bespoke 360 feedback, with questions that are specific to your organisation, perhaps incorporating your corporate values and behaviours or to fit in with a new or existing training programme, that’s no problem at all!  We will work with you to create a questionnaire that meets your needs. 

Set up of a new questionnaire and report costs £200 (plus VAT).  This includes any number of questions; experience has shown that too many questions put people off, so keeping the number down tends to result in a better response rate.  More than 50 questions can mean the questionnaire takes too long and people often don’t reach the end.  The set-up fee includes give you access to our team’s wealth of experience designing effective questionnaires and our extensive question library.

The best 360 questionnaires contain both rating and free text questions.  The rating questions give you a measurable score and the free text questions provide information on strengths and suggestions for development to help participants get the most out of their 360.

Once your new questionnaire is set up and ready to run, the cost is £35 per participant plus VAT (£42 including VAT).

Multi-language feedback

Multi-language - Hello, Hola, Ni Hao, Bonjour

If your organisation is a multi-national with offices in several different countries with different language requirements, or if you have customers in a number of countries where English is not their first language, we can offer the option to have your questionnaire available in several languages.  Participants and their colleagues can select the language in which they would like to view the questions.  Answers to free text questions will appear as they are typed by the person providing feedback. 

If you can provide the translations, the cost per language is £200 (plus VAT).  If you need us to arrange the translations, the cost of professional translation will be added to this.  

Feeding back the feedback

Once you have your 360 report, what then?  Read and inwardly digest the contents.  Make a plan of action to play to your strengths and address any areas of development.  That might seem straightforward, but that isn’t always the case.  Having an impartial third party to review your 360 feedback with you can help you to objectively analyse the feedback and put a structured plan in place.  We offer coaching sessions to debrief the 360 feedback and help you get the most out of the process. 

Coaching sessions start from £45 per session, or combine your 360 feedback with three coaching sessions and a Persona profile in our Business Coaching package for £200. 

Re-running feedback

Many of our customers offer a 360 feedback exercise before a training programme, then rerun the 360 feedback 9-12 months later to see how the learning from the training has benefited the participant, and to highlight which area to focus on next.  The cost of re-running the 360 is the same as the initial 360, £42 per participant (discount for large numbers of participants), and we will add the previous score to the revisited 360 reports at no extra cost.

The ability to add previous scores can be useful when the feedback is being used as part of an annual (or more frequent) appraisal, comparing scores from previous appraisals. 

Question mark

Anything else?

We love to say “Yes!” to our customers.  If you want something we don’t already offer, we are happy to price a system change to enable this to be possible.

In Summary

360 feedback does not need to cost the earth!  Your 360 feedback project can start from as little as £42 for a single, standard 360.  If you have hundreds of participants to put through a multi-language, bespoke questionnaire, it will cost more. 

The advantage of using i-comment360 is our years of experience providing 360 feedback questionnaires and reports for a wide variety of organisations across the world.  We will help you to get the best out of your 360 exercise and make the process as easy as possible for you and your staff. 

Prices updated as at February 2024.