Bespoke 360 Feedback

360 feedback is used in training and development, coaching, appraisals and performance reviews. We have created bespoke 360 feedback questionnaires and reports for all of these situations over the past 20 years

Training & Development

We have worked with a variety of training providers, creating bespoke 360 feedback questionnaires to accompany their flagship training programmes. These 360 feedback questionnaires have been developed with the training providers to cover the specific areas of the training programme, assessing the participant’s strengths and training needs before the programme. This allows the participant to focus their learning where it is required and the facilitator to tailor the training to the participants.

The 360 feedback can be repeated six to nine months after the training so the participant can see the progress they have made and identify where to target future improvements. The organisation has a measure of the benefit of the training and training provider can further tailor their training, after assessing the areas where the improvements have occurred. A repeat 360 report displays the average original 360 scores so changes are clearly displayed.

Go the extra mile

Our standard feedback questionnaires are popular with coaches, however we can also design a bespoke 360 feedback tailored to the coach’s approach or to the individual’s specific coaching needs.

We have recently created a bespoke questionnaire and report for a coach working with a group of future leaders in a organisation. Each coachee completed 360 feedback, then undertook several coaching sessions, using the 360 feedback as a basis for their leadership development.


Whether it is a regular six monthly or annual appraisal programme, or a one off end of probationary period or performance appraisal, we can help you design a 360 questionnaire for the job.

Appraisals often link questions closely to the organisation’s mission statement and values. Provide us with your organisation’s mission statement and values and we can design a 360 feedback questionnaire to measure how your employees deliver against that mission and live those values.

Performance Reviews

A performance review assesses an individual against a set of parameters. There are many reasons for a performance review from assessment for promotion, to organisational change or restructure, to management of perceived poor performance. We can help you structure the review to fit your needs.

A recent 360 performance review project was commissioned by an HR department where a complaint had been received about a manager. The questions were structured to get to the bottom of the perceived issue, but also to explore the individual’s wider performance. In this case, we also provided a Persona Personality Profile and coaching session for the manager. The manager took away some key points about how they communicate with their team and how the team perceive those interactions.

How it works

Whether you have already decided on your questions or just have a rough idea of what you need, we can help. Our team have many years of experience creating 360 feedback questionnaires and will advise on your questions and categories, or help to create a questionnaire from scratch using your training content, coaching goals or company values.

We charge a set up fee for a bespoke questionnaire and report, then a per participant charge. This is a one off set up cost and once set up, the questionnaire can be used for one participant or thousands.

A new questionnaire and report can usually be set up with two to three days. Once the questions and categories have been agreed, we will set the questionnaire up in our 360 feedback system and send you a link to check the questionnaire. We are then ready to launch it to your participants
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